These two notions are related.
From several millenaries, philosophy tries to understand economy process.

The first considerations have been written by RICARDO, an english 'trader', in the century XVIII .
The main changes along centuries are presented in videos, accessibles from this page.

Start principles of the economical theory used in " exchange markets " in the world, which exist now in the the century XXI, are presented here. See  economy (video).

The principles are : OWNERSHIP , FUNDS ( in money value ) , WORKERS . These words designate existing notions called ' social classes', in a monarchical organisation .

In the reality, from several millenaries, these notions correspond to different activities  of human groups in the COMMERCE  between Humen around the world.

This theory proposes economical model for commercial exchanges of products like that exists in MARKETS , by negotiations according to " comparative  advantages " .

The deputies Ricardo and Malthus have proposed some laws for " freedom circulation " of products, workers and funds, to permit REGULATION  of production quantities and sale prices inside markets.
These laws have been voted by the Chamber of Deputies .

An important law has been voted to forbid new reglementations against flux or flood autoregulation for reaching equilibrium.

This equilibrium has not reached , in relation whith new products, tools, machines, needs, and the psychology of persons making decisions.
These persons are hungry, dominant, expansive, no equalitarian, etc...  in relation with ignorant consumers , which have confidence to there salesmen.

The solution is to sell to external populations.
To satisfy psychological needs of the ruling classes the british empire has been made.

The dominant countries have asked opening there economical market to obtain money loan for participating to the mondial economical market, with the " free exchange " (video) argument, with the verbal encouragement " to increase wealth of the country " .

According to the economical model the free money constitutes " the capital " (video), for making investments into Humen working organisations, which permit to them to obtain the " HAPPYNESS " .

Along previous centuries, world commercial organisation  has increased and consequently has an affect upon politics of occidental countries in accordance with  the CAPITALISM (video) and the SOCIALISM .

The characteristic of this world economic organisation is the concretness no-goal to satisfy the energy field wich creats the life on the earth. Obviously the life of Humen and the Humanity, which is NOT EXISTENT .

Consequencies of this organisation is worker SLAVERY .
Workers constitutes the third principle of economical theory of Ricardo.

According to commercial world organisation, economists have invented new words : ' fictive capital ', ' destructive capital ', ' innovating capital ' , ' national debt ' ,  ' increasing rate ' , demolishing innovation , PIB, etc... for analysing exchange phenomenon between Humen .

In the reality around 70 % of Humen are in worker category, which receive a salary just for living everyday.

But all the Humen have equivalent sentiments, sense, consciousness, appreciations, with a large spectral intensity, with an important difficulty to speak about these sensations.

All Humen know : jealousy, envy, freedom, solidarity, equality, fraternity, ambition, humbug, domination, satirism, cruelty, etc...

Previously markets have being reality inside countries, that have laws, to authorize pawnbrokers to be owner if  the loan is not repaid within a specified period.
In this case the "capital" becomes possessor(video) .

Successive improvements have transformed the capitalistic model into financial model, in which every body can speculate. That means to get a lot  of money.

But the results are always increasing rates associated with national dept.

Consequently the world finance (video) governs , indirectly, all the country powers.

In this site discourse, videos present observable results in new countries, with an increasing poverty, in an inhuman way of life.

These observations show results entirely in opposition of speechs of important world managers.

This makingcogitation is in a contrary method of cybernetic process of the spirit discribed in this discourse.

The author describes a favorable organisation, called : sociecyber .

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